Trance-formation Research Project gets under way (18 September, 2015)

wildThe Trance-formation Research Project, which examines the emergence of specialist Electronic Dance Music (EDM) broadcasters in Australia’s mainland state capitals through the 1990s and 2000s and their impact on the broadcasting landscape and EDM cultural activities more generally, officially got under way on 18 September when I interviewed the founder of Sydney’s Wild FM, Anthony Gherghetta.

After a stint at Melbourne EDM aspirant community broadcaster HITZ FM in the early 1990s, Ghergetta moved to Sydney. Here he initiated a test broadcast under the HITZ FM brand in 1996 before reforming the station as Wild FM in 1997. In my interview with him, Ghergetta spoke of the station’s rise to prominence in the Australian dance music scene as both a broadcaster and a brand associated with the compilation CDs produced by Central Station Records that brought dance music to new audiences. While the station missed out on a permanent licence in May 2001 and subsequently went off air, Central Station continues to produce compilation CDs under the Wild brand.

In the coming months I’ll be producing a detailed profile of Wild FM and other EDM stations based on interviews with their founders and participants, so stay tuned.


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I am a Research Fellow with the RMIT Centre for Urban Research and Honorary Associate of the Australian Centre for Media History. My research is focussed on examining the historical and contemporary nature of communication infrastructure provision, its underlying social, technological, economic and governmental determinants, and downstream impact on cultural production and innovation.
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